Arrest Of 750 Child Protesters In Hong Kong Sparks Outrage

As with many movements, the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong are dominated by younger, mostly student activists.  To that end, nearly a third of the 2,379 protesters arrested since June are under the age of 18. On Thursday, Hong Kong’s #2 official Matthew Cheung told reporters that it was “shocking and heartbreaking” that 750 of the arrests were […]

The Beginning Of The End

Authored by Sven Henrich via, They sure are trying their best. To do what? To goose markets higher. It’s been quite the spectacle all year, but this Friday sure took the cake. The entire week had been a giant jerk fest of sudden rips and dips as headline chasing algos were ripping through support […]

“Has It All Been Worth It”: Critics Lash Out At Trump's “Trade Deal”

One day after Trump took a victory lap to celebrate “Phase 1” of the China trade non-deal that was “reached” almost two years after the US first launched tariffs on Chinese imports as part of an ever-escalating and bitter civilizational feud between the two superpowers… … and which failed to resolve virtually any of the […]

Can A Policy Recession Occur When The Fed Is Easing?

Submitted by Joseph Crason, Former Director of Global Economic Research, Alliance Bernstein Is it possible for a policy recession to occur when successive rounds of policy-stimulus have worked to extend the economic cycle and the policy-fuel runs out or cannot be provided in the same scale? We may soon find out. The current stance of […]

How The US Quietly Lost The 1st Amendment

While many would argue that Americans’ First Amendment rights have long since dwindled from the liberties initially granted in The Bill of Rights, a decision by the European Union’s highest court could well mark the final nail in the coffin of free speech. As Politico reports, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) […]

Did Everything Just Change?

Authored by Adam Taggart via, It’s hard to imagine a more euphoric end to the week for bulls. Two weeks ago I issued a report titled Realistically, What’s Left To Power Asset Prices Higher? which claimed the bulls only hope was for a near-term resumption of QE (quantitative easing, aka “money printing”) or a China trade deal. Well, this […]

Elizabeth Warren Buys Facebook Ads Claiming Mark Zuckerberg Backs Trump

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is buying ads on Facebook which falsely claim that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has endorsed President Trump – before quickly admitting it’s not true. The message? Facebook needs to fact-check ads by politicians.  The Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign sponsored the posts that were blasted into the feeds of U.S. users of the social […]

Federal Prosecutors Said To Be Investigating Rudy Giuliani

The irony: several years after the WSJ first reported that Ukraine was the single largest state donor to the Clinton foundation, best known for its “pay to play” access protocols… … and not long after Joe Biden was caught on tape proudly declaring “well, son of a bitch”, he got the former  Ukraine prosecutor fired […]

Global Air Freight Decline Now Worst Since 2008 Financial Crisis

The escalating trade war between the US and China has accelerated the synchronized global downturn. Global exports continue to collapse, and the global Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) remains under 50, stuck in contraction territory. All of these ominous signals indicate a global trade recession could be imminent in 2020.  New data from the International Air […]

40% Of Hongkongers Want To Flee City Amid Protests And Imminent Recession

A mind-boggling 40% of Hongkongers want to emigrate overseas because of the escalating social unrest that is expected to trigger an imminent recession in the coming quarters.   The new study, published by the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, asked 707 individuals by phone in late September if they would leave the city because of the turmoil. […]

Sesame Street Introduces A Muppet Who Has A Mother Addicted To Opiates

Authored by John Vibes via The Mind Unleashed, “Sesame Street,” one of the longest-running children’s television shows in the United States, has introduced a new character that has a mother who is addicted to opiates. The new character is a bright green muppet with yellow hair who is friends with Elmo. Karli will reportedly talk […]

These Are The Richest People In China

The latest rich list published by The Hurun Research Institute has revealed the richest people in China in 2019. At the top of the ranking is co-founder of the Alibaba Group, Jack Ma and his family. In total, he is estimated to have a net worth of $39 billion. Close behind is Pony Ma Huateng, CEO of Tencent. You […]

Luongo: Pompeo Can't Blame Iran For Attacking Itself

Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” –JAWS Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water someone poked a couple of holes in an oil tanker belonging to Iran. This sent oil prices up briefly in the vain hope of stabilizing […]

Is Trump's Syria Withdrawal Gambit An Anti-Impeachment Card?

Authored by Joaquin Flores via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The 19th century Baptist Particular preacher from England, Charles Spurgeon, is best known for the one-line wisdom: “A lie spreads half way around the world while the truth is putting on his shoes.” But what of half-truths, do they spread a quarter-way, or a third? Are these […]

Getting Real About Green Energy

Authored by Chris Martenson via, An honest analysis of what it can’t promise… I want to be optimistic about the future. I really do. But there’s virtually no chance of the world transitioning gently to an alternative energy-powered future. These Are The ‘Good Old Days’ I’m often asked where I stand on wind, solar […]

Japan Braces For Typhoon Hagibis Could Be Strongest In Decades 

A powerful typhoon is headed for Japan this weekend, threatening to cripple Tokyo with the most torrential rains and winds in nearly six decades, reported Reuters. In a statement Friday morning, meteorologist and owner of Empire Weather, Ed Vallee, said Typhoon Hagibis is expected to hit the Tokai/Kanto region on late Saturday. The likely Category 3 […]

US-China Reach Partial Trade Deal, “Could” Set Up Trade Truce

Update (1330ET): Bloomberg reports confirm US and China have reached a partial agreement that would broker a truce in the trade war and lay the groundwork for a broader deal that Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping could sign later this year, according to people familiar with the matter. As part of the agreement, China […]

Can Monetary Or Fiscal Stimulus Turnaround The Next Recession?

Authored by Patrick Hill via, A recession is emerging with interest rate curves inverted, the end of the business cycle at hand, world trade falling, and consumers and businesses beginning to pull back on spending.  The question is: will monetary or fiscal stimulus turn around a recession?  In this post, we find both stimulus alternatives […]

ISIS Jail Break Begins? Riots At Sprawling Al-Hol Prison Camp As Turkey Invades

There’s growing concern that over 10,000 jihadists, among these thousands of ISIS terrorists, could go free as a result of Turkey’s ongoing invasion of northeast Syria. This is especially the case at the sprawling al-Hol prison camp, administered and guarded by US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), home to over 70,000 people – mostly families of known ISIS fighters. […]

The Hidden Costs Of A Universal Basic Income

Authored by Arkadiusz Sieroń via The Mises Institute, The universal basic income (UBI) is gaining popularity as the alternative to the current welfare system. The idea is to give each citizen the same amount of money, no matter if he or she works or not. Therefore, unlike traditional welfare systems, the UBI has no means […]

CIA 'Whistleblower' Assisted By James Clapper Associate

A CIA officer who worked with former Vice President Joe Biden, flipped out when he found out Trump wanted Biden investigated, and submitted an embellished whistleblower complaint with the help of Democratic operative attorneys was assisted by former Inspector General for the Intelligence Community, Charles McCullough – who worked for President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence and current CNN talking […]

Drexel Professor Busted Blowing Federal Research Funds At Strip Clubs

Authored by Jon Street via Campus Reform, A Pennsylvania professor spent taxpayer dollars intended for federal research at strip clubs and sports bars, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.  Over a period of ten years, now-former Drexel University Professor Chikaodinaka D. Nwankpa spent federal taxpayer money at Philadelphia area venues, including two strip clubs. […]

US To Send 'Thousands' More Troops To Saudi Arabia

Reuters reports, citing defense or administration sources, that the US is set to send thousands of additional troops to Saudi Arabia in the wake of last month’s Aramco attacks.  “The United States is planning to send a large number of additional forces to Saudi Arabia following the Sept. 14 attack on its oil facilities, which Washington and Riyadh […]

With Oval Office Meeting Looming, This Is Where Trade Talks Stand

Traders have been playing “Chutes and Ladders” with conflicting trade headlines all week. But as President Trump prepares to meet with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He Friday afternoon, the market has latched on to hopes that a partial – or “skinny” – trade deal might be reached. For those who haven’t paid attention to every […]

Treasury Yield Curve Un-Inverts: “Seals Fate Of Imminent Recession”

The most-watched, and most-accurate in forecasting recessions, segment of the US Treasury yield curve has – ominously – uninverted. Source: Bloomberg At first glance, mainstream media will laud the apparent downshift in fear, but, as DoubleLine’s Jeff Gundlach recently noted, added, seeing the yield curve steepen isn’t necessarily be a good sign. “That would almost […]

Former US-Backed Rebel Leader Now Spearheading Attack On US-Backed Syrian Kurds

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced Thursday that his forces have killed 109 Syrian Kurdish militants since the start of the northern Syria incursion, dubbed ‘Operation Peace Spring’.  “The operation is currently continuing with the involvement of all our units… 109 terrorists have been killed so far,” Erdogan stated, as quoted by Reuters. At the same time pro-Kurdish media sources have cited nearly a dozen pro-Turkish forces killed in border areas […]

America's Political Implosion

Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The polarization in American politics has become so extreme there seems no longer to be any center ground. The political establishment is consequently imploding into an abyss of its own making. President Trump is being driven into an impeachment process by Democrats and their media supporters […]

Did China Just Announce The End Of US Primacy In The Pacific?

Authored by Scott Ritter via, Last week’s military parade previewed a series of game-changing weapons that could neutralize American seapower… For decades, the United States has taken China’s ballistic missile capability for granted, assessing it as a low-capability force with limited regional impact and virtually no strategic value. But on October 1, during a […]

Border Patrol Installing Invisible Shields At Wall To Stop Drug Smuggling Drones

A new report from Defense One shows the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is installing an invisible shield along President Trump’s Mexico-US border wall that will deny access to drug smuggling drones. CBP recently signed a $1.2 million deal with Citadel Defense Company to install an automated, invisible defense shield at the border to detect and […]

How Low Will US Births Go?!?

Authored by Chris Hamilton via Econimica blog, Summary Births in America continue to tumble despite a growing child bearing population. The growth among the child bearing population is decelerating and this population will begin outright declines around 2029. US births are likely to continue falling, faster and far deeper, while current Census estimates continue to […]

Trump To Exit 'Open Skies' Treaty, Banning Russian Recon Flights Over US

The ‘Open Skies’ treaty which the US signed in 1992 and went into effect in 2002 is the agreement which allows Russian surveillance planes to occasionally fly over the heart of North America, in an unusual arrangement which has US residents understandably freaking out when they might look up and see a large Russian Tu-214ON aircraft overhead.  […]

30Y Treasury Auction Prices At Record Low Yield Of 2.170%

While the week’s final coupon auction was largely in line with recent Treasury sales, it was remarkable for one specific reason: it just closed at the lowest high yield on record, stopping out at 2.170%, tailing the WI 2.169% by 0.1bps but pricing not only below the Sept yield of 2.270%, but also below the […]

PG&E Plunges Most Since Chapter 11 Filing After Losing Bankruptcy Exclusivity

Things are getting scary for customers of California’s biggest – and bankrupt – utility, PG&E: not only is the state rolling out unprecedented blackouts which threaten to put as many as 3 million California residents in the dark, but overnight U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Dennis Montali stripped PG&E of exclusive control over its recovery process, which threatens to […]

Putin Planning “Deal Of The Century” Between Syria & Turkey As US Exits

Lebanese Arabic news broadcaster Al-Mayadeen is reporting that Russia has begun organizing “reconciliation talks” between Syria and Turkey, in what would be an unprecedented development, given President Erdogan’s position has long been that Turkey won’t negotiate with Damascus so long as Assad is in power.  The Middle East broadcaster cited Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who said, “Moscow will ask […]

Gartman Goes Short

For those curious just what prompted stocks to soar today, besides the now traditional and thoroughly unjustified “trade optimism” barrage of headlines, we present one possible explanation: Dennis Gartman is out with his latest investment recommendation to short the S&P. Her is his latest “hot take” on markets: … we note that the CNN Fear […]