Bitcoin Selling Pressure is Declining, Hints Key Glassnode Indicator

Even as the bitcoin market shows signs of bullish exhaustion after logging a 1,500-percent-plus upside move in the previous 13 months, all is not lost. Investors with a long-term growth outlook still want to hold onto the flagship digital asset, iterating their expansive bullish stance on it. The analogy appears out of a chart from […]

Bitcoin Reclaims $58K After Fed Underscores Continued Recovery Support

Bitcoin rallied on Thursday after the Federal Reserve vowed to support the economic recovery in the United States. The benchmark cryptocurrency jumped 3.80 percent to $58,083 after declining two days in a row. Meanwhile, its rivals across the crypto space, including the second-largest token Ethereum and its runner-up Binance Coin, also surged higher. Almost all […]

Why This Trader Expects a Huge Binance Coin (BNB) Uptrend Forming

Binance Coin (BNB/USD) is bracing for a massive bullish move in the sessions ahead, a trend that could see the exchange token rise above $450. The analogy comes from an independent analyst on Twitter, operating under the pseudonym of Crypto Kaleo to distribute day-to-day cryptocurrency updates across its 142,000 followers. Kaleo predicts a wild upside […]

Kimchi Premium Puts Bitcoin Lower Ahead of Fed Minutes; What’s Next?

Bitcoin prices dropped lost 3.12 percent in early trading Monday, while the rest of the crypto market followed suit, turning lower aggressively after their record-setting bull runs at the start of this week. Bitcoin wobbles around $56,000. Source: BTCUSD on At first, it appeared like a regular profit-taking exercise among western day-traders against overvaluation […]

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Kiyosaki is Buying More Bitcoin Today, But Why?

People usually buy Bitcoin in hopes that they would be able to sell it to others for higher profits. But for a celebrated financial expert like Robert Kiyosaki, Bitcoin is an opportunity to break away from government surveillance. The ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ author delivered a tweet Wednesday morning in which he said that he […]

Déjà vu: Bitcoin Setup Near $60K Looks Similar to $20K-Breakout Delay

Bitcoin is stuck near $60,000. Some analysts think the cryptocurrency would break the level to the upside and establish a new record high. Meanwhile, a section believes that the price would crash back towards $50,000. Amid the conflicting scenarios, Dr. Jeff Ross, the founder/CEO of Vailshire Capital Management ̦— a Colorado-based hedge fund, believes the […]

Follow Up: BitTorrent (BTT) Crashes 40% After Logging Milestone Price Rally

Traders who bought BitTorrent at its top, believing that the Justin Sun-backed token would keep on pumping, are now facing huge intraday losses. The BTT/USD exchange rate crashed by more than 40 percent after setting up a record high of $0.0134, questioning catalysts that prompted BitTorrent’s explosive upside move in the first place. Earlier, NewsBTC […]

5 Critical Bitcoin Trading Takeaways for This Week as Price Falls

Bitcoin opened this week in negative territory as its price wobbled around a key support/resistance level of $57,000. The benchmark cryptocurrency was down 0.97 percent, trading for $57,639 ahead of the New York opening bell Monday. Its move downhill came as a part of a broader bearish correction that started after the price crossed $60,000 […]

Overvaluation Risks Haunt BitTorrent As Price Explodes 164% QTD

BitTorrent turned alarmingly overvalued on Monday as its price popped higher by as much as 164 percent quarter-to-date. The BTT/USD exchange rate surged to $0.013, its highest level on record, after rallying seven days in a row. Every sell-off attempt met with an equally aggressive accumulation, prompting more and more traders to buy the Justin […]

Filecoin (FIL) Sells Off After Delivering Grayscale-Driven Bumper Rally

Filecoin dropped ahead of hitting its previous record high, near $273.57, prompted by profit-taking among traders. FIL Market Outlook The FIL/USD exchange rate slipped closed Thursday down 2.82 percent despite logging its second-best historic level of $239.94 in the same session. Traders started securing their profits at the local top amid falling bids, leading to […]

Bitcoin Analyst Warns About “Overheated Retail Action” as Price Hits $60K

Bitcoin prices climbed above $60,000 for the first time in two weeks, raising prospects that the cryptocurrency would keep rising into the new quarter after closing the previous one almost 100 percent higher. Nevertheless, analyst Robbie Liu noted that the recent Bitcoin rally has resulted from “overheated retail action.” The OKEx researcher highlighted rising premiums […]

Dogecoin Rallies After Elon Musk Commits “Literal Moon” to DOGE Bulls

Dogecoin rallied on Thursday after Elon Musk committed that he would send the meme cryptocurrency to the moon — literally. The billionaire entrepreneur tweeted that SpaceX, a space technology company he owns, would take a “literal Dogecoin to the literal moon.” The cryptic message ignored to dwell into the hows and whys, but it was […]

Chainlink Hits $30 as Grayscale Adds 115,570 LINK to Its Reserves

Chainlink prices climbed higher on Thursday, rising by as much as 5.10 percent on the prospects of higher institutional adoption. The LINK/USD exchange rate reached its previous week’s high of $30 before correcting lower during the early London session. Its uptrend majorly came as a part of a broader bullish trend across the altcoin market. […]

Bitcoin Flash Crash Pauses as Goldman Sachs Announces Crypto Services

Bitcoin underwent a mini flash crash on Wednesday as its price fell from $59,400 to nearly $57,000 in just five minutes of trading. Analysts blamed overleveraged long positions for the downside move, with the plunge liquidating about $600 million worth of extended bullish contracts across major futures exchanges. The wipeout followed up with a short […]

Ethereum Shows Altitude Sickening as Price Drops At Key Resistance

Ethereum prices dropped on Wednesday as traders decided to secure their short-term profits at the cryptocurrency’s sessional high. The second-largest blockchain asset plunged by up to 4.92 percent to its mid-March support level of $1,771. Its move downhill appeared mostly due to its strong positive correlation with Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency by market cap. […]

PayPal FOMO Pushes Binance Coin (BNB) To 3-Week High; What’s Next?

PayPal’s latest decision to launch a cryptocurrency checkout service included support for four digital assets: bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, and litecoin. Still, Binance exchange’s native cryptocurrency, Binance Coin, benefited the most from the global payment giant’s pro-crypto declaration. Binance Coin, or BNB, surged more than 8 percent on Tuesday, hitting $304.39, the highest level almost […]

Bitcoin Nears $60,000 After PayPal Announces Crypto Checkout Service

Bitcoin prices rallied in the early London session after Reuters reported that PayPal would launch its crypto checkout services later on Tuesday. The payment giant, which started offering bitcoin custodial and trading services in October last year, will now allow US customers to use their cryptocurrency holdings to pay to PayPal’s millions of merchants worldwide. […]

Visa Picks Ethereum Over Facebook Libra to Settle Payments; ETH/USD Up

Ether, the de-facto settlement token of the Ethereum blockchain, rallied on Monday after global payment giant Visa became the ledger’s latest supporter. The firm, which can handle 24,000 transactions per second, announced that it would offer users the option to settle transactions in Ethereum-based stablecoin USDC, becoming the first major payment services provider to have […]

Bitcoin Rallies Strongly as a $30bn Dump Rattles US Stock Futures

Bitcoin prices rose aggressively heading into the European session Monday, breaking above $58,000 as traders pinned their hopes on another all-time high milestone ahead. The benchmark cryptocurrency was changing hands for $58,146 at 10:18 UTC, up 4.25 percent from its intraday open. A record expiry of $6 billion worth of options contracts on Friday helped […]

More Gains for Bitcoin Ahead as Natixis Predicts Dollar Declines

The starting point for the Bitcoin market’s recent declines is the prospect of faster-than-expected economic growth in the United States, thanks to the extreme fiscal expansion and a recent rebound in job growth to pre-pandemic levels, which has boosted the bond yields and, in turn, accelerated demand for the US dollar in foreign markets. But […]

Bitcoin Retail Investors Confident About $50,000-Price Bottom

Bitcoin fell from about $60,000 to nearly $50,000 this week, but it has not deviated retail interest, according to Robbie Liu of OKEx. The investment analyst cited renewed buying activity near the $50,000 level among retail investors, confirmed by the rising long/short ratio and the rising USDT premium in the Asian market. The long/short ratio […]

Bitcoin Sell-Off Worsens as US Jobless Claims Hit Pandemic Low; What’s Next?

Bitcoin edged lower Thursday after the jobless claims in the United States reached their lowest level of the pandemic, confirming that the country’s economy is recovering at a faster rate. The benchmark cryptocurrency fell to as low as $50,305 ahead of the New York opening bell, continuing its decline from the previous five sessions as […]

Could Bitcoin Benefit From Wall Street’s Quarter-End Rebalancing?

A migration of billions of dollars is set to happen from stocks to bonds by the end of March as US-based asset management firms rebalance their portfolios. And it could have a direct or an indirect impact on the Bitcoin market. Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, a cross-asset research analyst at JPMorgan & Chase, noted that pension funds, […]

UNI Mum as Uniswap V3 Announcement Leaves Bulls Wanting More

Key Uniswap Takeaways Uniswap (UNI/USD) surged on Wednesday but lacked the momentum to turn the upside move into a price rally. The move uphill appeared after the decentralized exchange unveiled a long-awaited network upgrade. No hints on gas-solving layer-2 solution left bulls wanting more upside cues. Uniswap climbed on Wednesday after the leading decentralized exchange […]

Bitcoin Faces Trouble as Dollar Logs Fresh 2021 High, Researcher Warns

Key Bitcoin Takeaways Bitcoin reversed its short-term downside bias after Elon Musk introduced a new BTC payment option on Tesla online stores. Meanwhile, the US dollar index reached a fresh year-to-date after Jerome Powell’s congressional testimony on Tuesday. One researcher warned that any further strength in the US dollar market could force Bitcoin prices lower. […]

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Bounces Off 200-MA Support to Retest $57,000

Key Bitcoin Points Bitcoin rose ahead of the New York opening bell on Tuesday. Traders flocked to re-accumulate the cryptocurrency as it reached a classic support level. Trading inside a short-term falling wedge, bitcoin now anticipates extending its rebound towards $58,000. Bitcoin climbed higher ahead of the US trading hours Tuesday after dipping to $53,000 […]

IOTA Price Hits 3-Year High as Focus Shifts on IoT Protocol Overhaul

IOTA rallied Tuesday, hitting its highest levels in more than three years, on hopes that the upcoming makeover of its Internet-of-Things protocol would make it more appealing to investors and traders alike. The IOTA Foundation Co-founder and CEO Dominik Schiener spilled details about their major upgrade—scheduled for an April 2021 release—in an interview with ZDNet. Dubbed […]

Ripple’s XRP Hits One-Month High on Exchange Re-Listing Prospect

Ripple’s native blockchain asset XRP surged to its one-month high on Monday as traders grappled with the prospects of its re-listing on cryptocurrency exchanges. The seventh-largest cryptocurrency experienced a dramatic decline in recent months after the US Securities and Exchange filed a lawsuit against its parent company, Ripple Labs, for its alleged role in selling […]

Would Bitcoin Price Crash If US Bond Yields Rise Above 2 Percent?

Bitcoin has struggled to capitalize on its recent bull run above $61,000 as traders continue to assess the impact of rising US bond yields on the cryptocurrency market. And now, with markets anticipating further interest rate growth in the 10-year Treasury note, an overvalued BTC/USD exchange rate is clueless about where to head next. The […]

Cardano Price Erases Breakout Pop by Half, Faces Bearish H&S Risks

Cardano gained some positive traction in the early European trading hours Friday after erasing more than half of its bullish breakout move in the previous session. The blockchain asset, better known by its ticker ADA across markets, climbed more than 2.25 percent to $1.25 into the ongoing intraday session. Its move uphill started near a […]

Morgan Stanley Eyes Bitcoin Exchange Acquisition After Crypto Rallies 1,500%

Key Bitcoin Takeaways A South Korean media outlet reported that Morgan Stanley plans to acquire Bithumb, a local bitcoin exchange. The news surfaced two days after the American banking giant decided to offer three Bitcoin funds to its rich clients via its traditional investment platform. Bitcoin recently surged above $61,000 on higher institutional demand, up […]

Why Bitcoin Traders Shouldn’t Rule Out $40,000-Retest

Bitcoin has walked away from pursuing a lengthy downside correction repeatedly this year. The cryptocurrency’s run-up to $58,367 in February attracted a modest selling pressure as the price dipped by 26.30 percent afterward. Similarly, its previous rally above a then-record high of $41,000 followed up with a 30 percent bearish correction. Last week, Bitcoin achieved […]

Ethereum Could Replace Bitcoin to Become Top Crypto Asset: Researcher

Ethereum, the second-largest blockchain network by valuation, has the potential to jump to replace Bitcoin to become the top digital asset, says Ryan Watkins of Messari. The senior research analyst cited a flurry of catalysts that could lead to the so-called flippening event. Firstly, Ethereum’s full protocol upgrade to proof-of-stake from proof-of-work blockchain would lead […]

Blow to Bitcoin as Key US Yield Hits Feb 2020 High Ahead of FOMC Meeting

Key Bitcoin Takeaways Bitcoin sell-off accelerated ahead of the US session as US 10-year Treasury yields hit a fresh 13-month peak. The cryptocurrency’s latest decline appeared ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee’s two-day policy meeting conclusion. Economists believe that the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell would maintain easy-money policies while ignoring intervention in the rising […]

Cardano’s ADA Explodes 19% as Bitcoin Stagnates, NFT Craze Booms

Cardano’s ADA was among the best performers in the cryptocurrency market this week as traders assessed its bullish prospects against a stagnating top rival Bitcoin and an ongoing craze for non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. The blockchain asset jumped to the third rank after undergoing a 19 percent price rally. As of 1057 GMT, the ADA/USD […]

Eerie Fractal Puts Bitcoin At Risk of Testing $47,000; Here’s Why

Bitcoin prices were relatively flat ahead of the New York opening bell Tuesday as traders waited for the Federal Reserve officials’ gathering for a two-day policy meeting. The flagship cryptocurrency slumped 0.12 percent to $555,88.07 as of 1330 GMT. Earlier during the Asia-Pacific session, it was trading for as low as $53,221 after a mysterious […]

XRP Hits Multi-Week High as Focus Shifts on Tit-for-Tat Lawsuit Against SEC

XRP was among the biggest gainers in the cryptocurrency market on Tuesday, even as most of its top rivals, including Bitcoin, experienced major sell-offs. The Ripple blockchain’s native token surged up to 19.46 percent to an intraday high of $0.52 during the Asia-Pacific session. While it failed to extend its upside bias any further, leading […]

Latest Deutsche Bank Poll Leaves Bitcoin Prone to Hitting New Record High

Bitcoin expects to extend its prevailing bull run in the sessions ahead just as the US begins another vast spending program, including direct payments to its citizens who will receive up to $1,400 per person depending on their income and tax filing returns. The flagship cryptocurrency’s prospect of hitting new highs rose after a Deutsche […]

Bitcoin Falls Sharply After Mysterious $1bn BTC Transfer to Gemini Exchange

Bitcoin fell more than 7 percent on Monday after a whale deposited 18,000 BTC into a Gemini wallet. The flagship cryptocurrency dropped to an intraday low of $54,568 at 0940 UTC, down 7.47 percent into the European session. Its correction started on Sunday after the price reached a new record high above $61,000. Traders used […]

Bitcoin Bull Cross That Last Sent Prices Up 74% Appears Again

A textbook bullish indicator whose last appearance in mid-February contributed to Bitcoin’s price rise to its record high has flashed again. Dubbed as MACD Bull Cross, the signal develops when the output of the difference between an asset’s 26-period and 12-period exponential coverage surges above its 9-period exponential moving average known as a signal line. […]

Veteran Fund Manager Blames Bitcoin for Massive Gold ETF Outflows

Gold hit its lowest levels in more than eight months on Tuesday, a day after holdings in the precious metal-backed exchange-traded funds fell by 14 tonnes, logging the biggest outflow seen in 2021. Analysts blamed signs of an economic global recovery and rising US bond yields for the said decline. That is because gold does […]

Bitcoin Analyst Explains Why Price Could Hit $56,000 And Beyond

Bitcoin has the potential to hit $56,000 in the coming sessions, asserted independent market analyst Josh Rager. The founder said in a tweet published Tuesday that BTC/USD could keep on rallying higher based on two reasons. First, the recent approval of US President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package in the Senate could assist […]

Ethereum Near $2,000 Again on Supportive Technicals, Bitcoin Correlation

Ethereum prices rallied on Tuesday as a recent sell-off in the cryptocurrency market prompted traders to buy the dip. The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency climbed to its two-week high of $1,859.62 on Coinbase, a US-based crypto exchange, during the early Asian session. It started correcting lower on short-term selling sentiment but maintained its weekly upside bias […]

Bitcoin Holds $50,000 on Global Corporate FOMO; What to Expect?

An early morning sell-off in the Bitcoin market hinted at calming down after more corporates revealed their investments into the cryptocurrency. Meitu, renowned globally for its photo editing app, incorporated $17.9 million worth of Bitcoin and $22.1 million worth of Ether (the native cryptocurrency of the second-largest blockchain project, Ethereum) into its balance sheet. In […]

Uniswap’s UNI Hung After Hitting Record High; Breakdown Risks Persist

UNI prices slipped on Monday as traders decided to secure their profits after the cryptocurrency rallied to an all-time high in the previous session. Trade Setup The Uniswap decentralized exchange’s governance token was down by up to 5.57 percent to $32.34 during the early European session. Its latest move downhill extended its correction to 7.92 […]

Bitcoin Bearish Correction Pauses: Focus Remains on Dollar and Yields

Bitcoin prices extended losses on Friday as the US dollar gained alongside the long-term Treasury yields. Downside pressure on cryptocurrency remains amid expectations of modest job growth in the US. The technical support offered by the 20-period moving average on the four-hour chart maintains Bitcoin’s medium-term bullish outlook. Bitcoin dropped Friday, suggesting that the benchmark […]

Cardano (ADA) Death Cross Spells Worries Despite Bullish “Mary” Fork

Cardano (ADA/USD) bounces off a critical support trendline during the Asia-Pacific trading session Friday. The blockchain asset expects to close above key moving average waves on the prospect of turning into a multi-asset chain following its hard fork on March 1. Nonetheless, a death cross formation offsets the probability of more price legs higher. Levels […]

Bitcoin on Back Foot as Focus Turns to Powell Speech; What to Expect?

Bitcoin dropped during Asia-Pacific and European trade Thursday as rising bond yields prompted concerns that central banks may begin tightening monetary policies sooner-than-expected. The benchmark cryptocurrency fell up to 3.59 percent to $48,562, extending its decline after setting up a week-to-date high level at $52,666 in the previous session. Elsewhere in the crypto market, high-cap […]

Bitcoin Price Outlook: Executive Sees BTC/USD At $60,000

Key Bitcoin Takeaways Bitcoin prices jumps back above $52,000 and pushes higher. The gains appear as bond sell-off cools down after a week of turbulence. Greg Waisman, the co-founder of crypto wallet service Mercuryo, suggests BTC/USD could hit $60,000 in the coming sessions. Bitcoin prices rose Wednesday, breaking above $52,000 for the first time in […]