‘Heartbroken’: Weinstein Accusers Say $44 Million Settlement Lets Him Off the Hook

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Zoe Brock, a former model who has accused Harvey Weinstein of sexually inappropriate behavior, said she once viewed a lawsuit against him as her best opportunity to hold him to account.

But on Friday, she said she was “heartbroken” to learn that negotiators were nearing a tentative agreement to pay $44 million to resolve lawsuits filed by women who said Mr. Weinstein sexually abused them, far less than the $90 million they had originally expected.

Lawyers for the actress Wedil David expressed similar disgust, saying their client would scuttle the settlement because the compensation was too small for the accusers and too friendly to directors of the Weinstein Company.

Kadian Noble, an actress who said Mr. Weinstein sexually assaulted her and forced her to watch him masturbate in Cannes, France, said she would be grateful for any amount of compensation, though the money would not make the trauma go away.

The potential resolution of the lawsuits against Mr. Weinstein had been anticipated by many of his accusers as a cathartic moment in the decades-long saga of the allegations against him, given that the criminal case against him involves only two women.

But on Friday, at least two women involved in civil suits indicated they were so discouraged that they planned to block the whole agreement.

ImageKadian Noble, an actress who accused Mr. Weinstein of sexually assaulting her in Cannes, France, said that she would be grateful for compensation, but that money would not make the

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