Travis Demers, Trail Blazers’ New Radio Announcer, Has Paid His Dues In Sports Media

The Portland Trail Blazers announced that they have hired Travis Demers to be their radio play-by-play announcer.

Courtesy Travis Demers

Those who work in media, especially sports media, know people like Travis Demers. They’re hard-working, willing to do any job, have had a bunch of disparate assignments and keep hoping, seemingly against hope, of getting that one big break.

This week, Demers got that one big break as the Portland Trail Blazers hired him as their permanent radio play-by-play announcer.

Demers has been on the scene in Portland broadcasting since 2003, putting in his time year after year before finally getting this opportunity. This is not a guy who went straight to ESPN out of college, but instead is someone with a Linkedin page (Al Michaels does not have a Linkedin page) that details the dues he’s paid in the business. Any kid in college dreaming of being a sports announcer needs to look at Demers’ resume to see the kind of perseverance, belief and patience you need.

Among his former duties: play-by-play for the Portland Lumberjax, a professional indoor lacrosse team; track announcer at Portland Meadows, a horse-racing venue; play-by-play announcer for the University of Portland; host of countless iterations of talk shows, both radio and TV, paired with all kinds of co-hosts, one version starting a 6 a.m., another ending a 10 p.m.; and high school sports – calling dozens, probably hundreds, of games.

This is what paying your dues looks in sports broadcasting. You take what you can get, string together contract and part-time work to

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