Gov. Cuomo Should Support The Constitution Natural Gas Pipeline

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As I’m sure you know, there is an ongoing battle in New York that pits the Andrew Cuomo administration against the natural gas, utilities, and pipeline industries. The latest saga involves a blockade of pipelines forcing Consolidated Edison and National Grid plan to quit providing new gas connections to customers in and around the New York City service area. State regulators are investigating, with the Northeast Supply Enhancement being the key pipeline in that fight.

The first thing to know is that natural gas is New York’s main source of energy, at 1,280 Trillion Btu, or double what second place gasoline offers. Secondly, in 2018, natural gas led and generated 40% of New York’s electricity. You’re right:  The story of a gas devouring state having anti-gas policies is predictably one that doesn’t end well

The planned closure of Indian Point in 2021 signals little hope for nuclear, and hydro power also face retirements since the fleet’s average age is almost 60 years old. So ultimately, New York’s energy future lies in an old fashioned shootout between gas, wind, and solar power. The reality though is that all

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