Trade Tensions Ease as China Drops Some Pork and Soybean Tariffs

BEIJING — A recent calming of trade tensions between the United States and China continued on Friday as Beijing said it would exempt some American soybeans, pork and other agriculture products from new tariffs, state media reported.

The announcement arrived one day after President Trump agreed to delay the next round of tariff increases on Chinese goods so that they would take effect after trade talks scheduled for early October. And it came as officials in Washington confirmed that China had made its first major purchase of United State soybeans in months.

China’s decision to pull back on some new tariffs was another sign that the world’s two largest economies are trying to ease tensions in a trade war that has rocked global markets and cast a pall over the prospects for global growth.

State media reports provided few details on Friday, but China Central Television, the nation’s official broadcaster, cited President Trump’s decision to delay the next round of tariffs. Mr. Trump had said on Wednesday that the next round of tariff increase on Chinese products, would be delayed by two weeks to Oct. 15.

China’s promise to hold off additional tariffs on American pork and soybeans comes as the country’s leadership faces challenges on several fronts, including an economic slowdown and civil unrest in Hong Kong.

Depending on the amount of agricultural products exempted, China’s move could be warmly welcomed by Mr. Trump. Some farmers in the United States have been hit hard by tariffs imposed by Beijing on American goods, a retaliation against the White House’s mounting tariffs on Chinese goods. The

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