How The New iPhone Camera Is Perfect For All Instagram Influencers

Camera phone technology has led to the democratization of creativity. And that’s a good thing.  People are able to capture high-resolution memories of the experiences, places, and people they love, despite lacking extensive experience and professional equipment. 

Every smartphone user can garner their own piece of the earned media pie simply by sharing their content on social media. Gone are the days when you needed million dollar budgets to create the most compelling content; any person, young or old, can compete. But it’s not exactly a competition – rather, an opportunity for all.

On September 10th, Apple announced three new iPhones at its press event. The improved camera capabilities were front and center.  The new camera features will only amplify the creation of user-generated content, both for everyday people and for influencers. 

Upgrades to Front- and Back-Facing Camera: Great for Live Streaming and Video

All three new iPhone models have a 12-megapixel front-facing camera, which is an increase on the 7-megapixel lens from 2018. On the Pro, there is also an additional rear camera, bringing the total rear-lens count to three lenses, over previous models’ two lenses. What exactly does this mean?

The additional lenses will improve overall photography and the upgraded front-facing camera will allow users to take better selfies. Even if you knock selfie-culture, it’s safe to assume it isn’t going away. Apple is going all-in on the trend with the ability to take a “Slofie” or slow-motion selfie, which is offered on both the iPhone 11 and Pro models. 

Better quality selfies benefit more than just users

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