Five Wine Regions With Gorgeous Glamping Rentals

Pod Glamping in the Vineyards of Mendoza.

Glamping Hub

Glamping combines the best of two worlds: elevated digs with proximity to the outdoors. Throw in daytime visits to vineyards and a bottle of wine around the fire pit at night, and you’re looking at the ultimate way to experience wine country.

There are several ways to track down glamping opportunities, but the easiest for searching by region, price, or style is one-stop glamp-shop Glamping Hub.

According to the site, “Glamping Hub is the world’s leading booking portal for unique outdoor accommodations across the globe. With over 30,000 accommodations in 120 countries, Glamping Hub has over 27 different types of glamping sites on the website including tree houses, igloos, safari tents, shipping containers, tiny houses, and more.”

Founder David Troya launched Glamping Hub as a booking platform in 2014 with co-founders Ruben Martinez and Talal Benjelloun, after first hearing the term during one of his Master’s classes at USF. Spying an opportunity, he decided to give travelers an experience that would “evoke a feeling and create memories.”

Here are several fabulous glam-pportunities in five wine regions around the world.

Just Barely Glamping in Yarra Valley.

Glamping Hub

Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

Just north of Melbourne lies the famous Yarra Valley wine region. Known for bright Chardonnay, elegant Pinot Noir, and refined Syrah (or Shiraz), the region long had a dearth of upscale lodging or boutique hotels. Hence, glamping makes a lot of sense for the area. Check out this modern cabin with crisp, clean lines, smart décor, and huge

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