Clint Black Marks Career Milestone With New ‘Still Killin Time’ Album

Clint Black Releases New Live Album “Still Killin’ Time”

Credit: Kevin Mazur

His latest album Still Killin’ Time is a celebration of sorts. It’s his first ever “live” album and comes 30 years after Killin’ Time, his debut album that launched his superstar career and forever changed country music.  

Five singles from that first album would go on to reach No. 1, paving the way for the continued success of the other albums that followed.

“It was the beginning of all my dreams coming true,” he says, looking back. “My career took off and we were selling enough records to get onto the pop sales charts. I was doing things like Bob Hope Specials and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It was a real period of growth and the start of an education, success, and all of the things that allowed me to become a better artist, better performer, and better person.”

Black is part of the famous “Class of ’89” that included Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and Travis Tritt. All burst onto the country music scene at about the same time and together would take country music to new heights, broadening the appeal of the genre.

“I know from the journalists and music historians that it was a pivotal time,” says Black. “Country music enjoyed more success through the 90’s and to be there at kind of the beginning of that surge and popularity makes me proud. I think we all made some good music.”

He’s been making “good music” ever since. He’s sold 20 million

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