A Company That Offers True Digital Wine Marketing Interruption

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – FEBRUARY 25: A selection of reds is prepared for a tasting panel as the Best … [+] Value wine competition gets underway on February 25, 2010 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Wine has been produced in the Holy Land since biblical times. Today, Israeli wine is made by hundreds of wineries, ranging in size from small boutique enterprises to large companies, altogether producing some 30 million bottles annually. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

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Not a week goes by without at least one press release from some company promising “interruption” in the market with its wine oxygen inhibitor, fast aging product, new app and so on. One company, however, has caught my attention: Quini. It services wine producers and marketers, and it surely offers a new—and, dare I say, potentially disruptive—marketing tool. The company’s stated mission is to be the first consumer to winery information digital platform.

According to CEO Roger Noujeim, Quini is a combination of apps which he refers to as Quini 2.0, a Modern Embedded Business Intelligence (MEBI) platform that provides information immediately via pre-built analytics. He adds that the updated version is integrated with Nielsen’s Connect Partner Network (NCPN) a tech-driven analysis and solution provider for consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers. Noujeim says at no extra cost, “Quini clients can access Quini data inside Nielsen.”

The Vancouver, Canada-based company claims its “consumer sensory and attitudinal feedback about wine, helps to answer the why behind a purchase or sentiment.” Neujeim hypes the company this way: “The days of one time

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