Bringing Back Greg Schiano Is The Right Move, But It Should Not Relegate Rutgers Basketball To Being An Afterthought

CHAPEL HILL, NC – SEPTEMBER 10: Coach Greg Schiano of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights against the North … [+] Carolina Tar Heels at Kenan Stadium on September 10, 2011 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. North Carolina won 24-22. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

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Part of the upcoming coronation (or should that be re-coronation?) of Rutgers football coaching legend Greg Schiano likely will be an appearance during a game at the school’s venerable basketball bandbox, the RAC.

It is a time-tested way of giving recently-hired college football coaches a chance to stoke hope for the future and greet part of the fan base.

If Schiano looks around, he will notice something reminiscent of his first go-round at the school—a prominent guy named Mulcahy making his presence felt around the RAC. But the similarity ends right there, and should serve as an appropriate reminder to Schiano of how much different the landscape at Rutgers, vis-à-vis football to men’s basketball, is today compared to Schiano’s heyday of the mid-to-late 2000s.

A decade ago, the Mulcahy stalking the RAC was then-athletic director Bob Mulcahy, the man responsible for hiring Schiano in December 2000. Mulcahy understandably took great pride in having brought in the coach who rescued a moribund football program and brought it to respectability and, briefly, national prominence in 2006.

Yet it struck some observers how odd it was that Mulcahy chose the RAC as a place to take victory laps for that hire, even after he and the school parted ways in 2009. That’s because, according to multiple sources,

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