Think Cheese Makes You Fat? Think Again And Order Artisan Cheese This Thanksgiving

Whether it’ll be you and Fido only, or the whole clan around the table braving Covid-19, this Thanksgiving, with or without travel, certainly feels like no other. One way to offer comfort, perhaps between the squash casserole and the pumpkin pie, could be to add a cheese course.  And if you believe cheese makes you fat, Anne Saxelby, who co-owns Saxelby Cheese at the Chelsea Market and provides American cheeses to many of the city’s top restaurants, begs to differ!

Anne Saxelby, Founder and Co-Owner of Saxelby Cheese at Chelsea Market

Christine Han Photography

“Real cheese, meaning cheese made by hand, doesn’t make you fat,” said Ms. Saxelby. “This is the biggest misconception and the culprit is processed, industrial cheese.” 

In her new book, The New Rules of Cheese (Ten Speed Press), Ms. Saxelby explains that while Americans are eating more cheese than ever—around 35 pounds per person, per year — they complain that cheese makes them fat. Chances are they are consuming processed cheese. But what is processed cheese anyway? 

“It’s ground up cheese combined with potassium citrate and sugar to create maximum meltability,” she said.

Anne Saxelby’s new book

Saxelby Cheese Center for Balanced Health in New York City, adds that when cheese is pasteurized and homogenized, as in the case of processed cheese, it loses the enzymes that help digestion so people often feel bloated and gassy without knowing why.

Artisan cheese is simply made with four ingredients: milk, culture, rennet and salt. Period. And there

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