“It’s A Labor Of Love”: A Conversation With Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano aka ‘theneedledrop’


Anthony Fantano is an American music critic, interviewer, YouTuber and internet personality known for his music-related YouTube channel ‘The Needle Drop”.

You have an impressive 2,300,000+ subscribers on your main Youtube channel and were recently profiled by the N.Y. Times in September 2020. As your brand continues to grow, does the role of being a content creator become easier or more difficult? 

I think when you’re doing anything for this long, you do fall into a groove with it. I think that’s the point that I’m at now. The most recent development is learning to hire other people because there was a long time when I feel like I toiled very much independently. There wasn’t a budget to hire or work with anyone else in the beginning. And even after the point where there was, I was still figuring out how to be a manager or a boss. I hate that word. But trying to figure out how to do that, on top of creating content, is even more difficult. There are still aspects of what I do that I’m still learning to do well, and a lot of it is behind the scenes stuff that nobody really knows or understands. Because, you know, all they see at the end of the day is the review, but they don’t see everything that needs to occur for the content to happen. I’m trying to get better every day doing that stuff and trying

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