New Landmark Law In Utah Legalizes Selling Home Cooked Meals

Under a groundbreaking new law, Utah will let home chefs sell their home cooked meals directly to the public, legalizing a type of home-based business that’s technically against the law in 48 states. Simply put, Utah’s Microenterprise Home Kitchen Act will let almost anyone turn their own kitchen oven or backyard grill into a restaurant incubator. 

Starting a business under the Act just requires a permit, an annual inspection from the local health department, and following common-sense food safety practices. Home cooks will also need to inform consumers that the regulations for a home kitchen may be different than a commercial restaurant.

With so many restaurants shut down, “we have a lot of good cooks out there who are not working in their trade,” said Rep. Christine Watkins, who sponsored the bill, HB 94. Legalizing home-based cooking businesses “can help people who have been impacted by the pandemic survive financially,”

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