GOP Continues Trump Campaign’s ‘Deceptive’ Online Fundraising Tactics


While former President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is consigned to the history books, the legacy of its aggressive fundraising tactics – which reportedly forced it to refund 10.7% of online donations in 2020 – live on with Republican campaigns.

Key Facts

As the Trump campaign’s financial situation became increasingly dire last year, it adopted pre-checked boxes on the fundraising platform WinRed that made it so money would be withdrawn from donors on a recurring basis unless unchecked – but often did not that make clear, burying disclosures below lines of text – leading many Trump donors to accidentally contribute far more than intended, the New York Times reported Saturday.

A user-experience designer told the Times the use of “dark patterns” for the boxes resembles a style of “deceptive design” often used in digital marketing, while veteran campaign operatives told Insider they had never before

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