Angelina Jolie: Action Star Finally Returns In ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ Trailer

Opening May 14 in theaters (and on HBO Max for the first 30 days), Those Who Wish Me Dead seems like an aggressively old-fashioned studio programmer/star vehicle from a time when movie stars and high concepts mattered more than IP and marquee characters. The film stars Angelina Jolie, in her first commercial star vehicle outside of the Maleficent films since The Tourist in late 2010, as a firefighter who gets a shot at redemption while protecting a young boy from murderous bad guys. It’s based on a novel, features no noticeable IP and instead offers a stacked cast of character actors (including Tyler Perry in straight-up working actor mode) and old-school studio potboiler pleasures. It’s also Jolie’s first action movie since Salt, also in 2010.

Angelina Jolie is/was a rarity in that she is/was the first and only blockbuster-level female action movie star. No, she’s not the only actress

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