UNCONTAINED Hopes To Fill The Void Left In LBVR With Hyper-Immersive Plug-And-Play Modular Units

The last year has not been too kind to many VR location-based entertainment franchises. Now a Canadian attractions manufacturer called Immersive Tech is looking to make a dent in the market with plans to fill the gap in immersive entertainment left by franchises like The VOID.

The virtual reality industry has been on the verge of the mainstream for years. MarketWatch predicts virtual reality will be a trillion-dollar marketplace within five years. With that in mind, Immersive Tech is launching its flagship product, UNCONTAINED. A plug-and-play hyper-immersive  6-player experience housed inside a 40-foot shipping container. 

called them in a LinkedIn post,”ready-to-go containers that can be dropped wherever needed and will offer a more scalable model for VR location-based entertainment.”

External image of UNCONTAINED. Immersive Tech’s self-contained multi-player VR attraction


Immersive Tech was founded in 2014 with a mission

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