Back To The Future: 3 Ways Entertainment Defines Tech And Wellness

Whether we’re introducing disruptive technologies to the market, implementing new social health policies, overcoming stigmas about mental health or encouraging individuals to adopt proven daily wellness practices, it takes a lot of inertia to change habits and beliefs. 

Crisis is one impetus for change and acceleration, as we are seeing with the current pandemic. Another catalyst, one that many in the health and wellness fields might fail to think about, is entertainment. I’m not talking about news flashes, social media hype or dancing cats. I’m talking about ancient technologies of emotion in the form of storytelling, music, immersive experiences and that belief-shaping mega machine, Hollywood.

Following are three ways entertainment shapes innovation and accelerates the adoption of new technologies and wellness practices:  

1. Entertainment Envisions the Future 

Star Trek Tricorder (Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

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In health technology

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