5 Teams To Watch Ahead Of Monday’s 2021 NHL Trade Deadline

When the calendar flips to April, the biological clocks of most hockey fans are set for playoffs to begin.

Not this season, though. The NHL is currently targeting mid-May for the the first round of the 2020-21 postseason. The next important date on the calendar is Monday, April 12 — this year’s trade deadline.

In recent years, the biggest NHL trades have been happening during the offseason, when there’s more salary-cap and budget flexibility to work with. The days when a general manager could swing a deal to shake up a moribund roster are all but gone. Now, it’s more likely that a player will be put on waivers to send a message, and it often doesn’t take much to trigger a coaching change.

Nevertheless, important deals that impact the playoffs do go down at the deadline. Just last year, the Tampa Bay Lightning added some gritty skill to

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