Viral Tweet Reminds Us That Doordash, Just Like Uber And Grubhub, Is Not A Delivery Company

Early on Monday morning, a freelance writer and creative consultant named Scott Frazier came to a rude awakening: “Just got stopped from ordering delivery unless I ‘understand and agree’ that @Doordash employees are not ‘employees’ and ‘acknowledge and agree’ that @Doordash is not a delivery service lol,” he wrote on Twitter. 

The Tweet was liked over 2,000 times and retweeted over 500 when this story went live.

For the 59 million U.S. workers—more than a third of the America’s workforce—who have participated in the “gig economy” either as a side-hustle or a primary source of income, this is not news. Claiming that delivery is not core to a company’s business is the app economy’s means of circumventing the Borello test, the Supreme Court of California’s litmus for whether workers qualify as W-2 employees—with all the benefits, like health insurance, sick days, 401ks, and more that that entails—or as 1099

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