Delta-Fueled Covid Surge Spurs New Mask Mandates — Here Are The States Where They Can’t Legally Be Reimposed


While officials across the U.S. are reintroducing public health restrictions like mask orders and advisories to wear them amid a surge of Covid-19 cases, many local authorities have been banned from following suit by legislation and executive orders at the state level. 

Key Facts

Laws have been passed that restrict local governments from imposing mask orders in Iowa, Florida, Montana, Arizona, North Dakota and Arkansas, with the latter two also banning any future statewide mask orders.

Governors in Texas, Tennessee and South Carolina have signed executive orders that prohibit local governments from enacting their own mask mandates, though a state judge sided with Austin in March when the city refused to lift its mask mandate in accordance with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s order.

Local governments in Georgia are only allowed to impose a mask mandate if the number of new Covid cases

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