Solar100’s: Nat Bullard, The H.G. Wells Of Clean Energy

In this edition #Solar100, Founder and CEO of kWh Analytics Richard Matsui speaks with Nat Bullard, Chief Content Officer at BloombergNEF.

Nat Bullard is known for his research and reporting in the clean energy industry. He has spent almost 15 years analyzing the market and informing everyone from senior executives to the broader public about how the industry is evolving. Like H.G. Wells, he’s a prominent, forward-looking thought leader, who has devoted his talents to advancing one of the most critical causes of our time — the development of clean energy.

In this Solar100, Nat weighs in on his experience researching the industry, how solar technology has evolved over time, his predictions for battery storage and hydrogen, and his advice for young professionals.

When I graduated, I was looking for a job and I did not have the traditional technical skills that someone would need to work in energy

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