Justice Department Largely Bans Chokeholds, ‘No-Knock’ Entries On Federal Level


Federal law enforcement officers will not be able to use chokeholds or enter homes without announcing their presence except under extreme circumstances, the Justice Department announced Tuesday, as part of a new policy cutting down on tactics critics say have been widely used to unjustly target Black Americans.

Key Facts

Chokeholds and similar “carotid restraints”—intended to limit blood flow to the brain—cannot be carried out unless the use of deadly force has been authorized, the DOJ said.

The new policy limits “no-knock” entries on private dwellings to situations when an agent believes that announcing their presence would lead to an “imminent threat of physical violence,” though exceptions can be granted if an agent gets approval from a federal prosecutor.

The policy, which formally limits the tactics’ use at the federal level, comes after most police departments in the largest U.S. cities announced similar

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