This Is The World’s First ‘Fossil-Free Steel’ Vehicle: Autonomous, Electric—And A Volvo

The 21st century has no shortage of companies claiming “world’s first” status for their products. Few stand up to sustained scrutiny. So when Volvo today unveiled an autonomous vehicle produced using fossil-free steel, how big a deal was it?

Short answer: pretty big. Though the devil is in the detail.

Volvo CEO Martin Lundstedt presented the four-wheeled, autonomous and fully electric machine at a press conference in Copenhagen alongside counterparts from Swedish steel makers SSAB and Ovako, who are collaborating with Volvo in an effort to bring to market vehicles that are manufactured with minimal greenhouse gas emissions. SSAB CEO Martin Lindqvist said at the launch: “Having the world’s first actual vehicle made using SSAB’s fossil-free steel is a true milestone. Our collaboration with Volvo Group shows that green transition is possible and brings results.”

The vehicle in question is a load carrier, designed for use in quarrying and

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