Britain Needs Truckers Fast. We Went to a School Where They Train.

Britain has experienced shortages of gasoline and some foods because of too few drivers. At a military barracks in South London, trainees are learning how to maneuver trucks through streets and highways.

LONDON — The trainee edged toward an intersection for a seemingly impossible right-angle turn, and the 52-foot truck rumbled suddenly, an accurate reflection perhaps of the driver’s nerves, or possibly my own.

“It can be a little bit bumpy,” said the driving instructor, Andrew Hawes, laughing.

Seated in front of me on the driver’s seat — a throne of rubber and foam, cushioned with at least a foot of suspension — was the trainee, Felix Karikari, 36, spinning the steering wheel one day this month as the rush-hour traffic sped around the streets of South London.

Training new truck drivers has taken on new urgency in Britain, where a supply-chain crisis in recent weeks has draped a cloak of anxiety over the

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