3 Powerful Consequences Of Face-To-Face Collaboration

As we push toward a larger vaccinated population within our country and throughout the world, plans and expectations for society’s new normal are anxiously being discussed and debated. While many look forward to eliminating some of the more bothersome outcomes of the pandemic—like mask requirements and social gathering limits—other byproducts of the pandemic, such as working remotely, are likely to linger for months to come.

The question we must ask ourselves is what are the consequences of not meeting face-to-face when possible? There are many, but let’s consider three powerfully positive consequences that happen when face-to-face collaboration is prioritized: 

Eliminate the Source of Misunderstandings & Incorrect Assumptions. When project teams do not meet face-to-face for formal planning sessions, everything happens virtually. A lot of one-way communications (emails, texts, Jira posts, etc.) take place, and a lot of assumptions are made. Team members make assumptions about who is doing

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