It’s Time To Apply 21st-Century Technology To Today’s Supply Chain Challenges

As we enter the final quarter of 2021, hindsight shows us the wide-scale impact organizations have faced as a result of supply chain issues stemming from the global pandemic. Chaos has reigned. Most companies have experienced revenue losses, materials shortages, inconsistent data, and increased strain on their networks and their personnel in every part of the world.

Global concerns like Costco, FedEx and Nike have all recently cited these issues in their future outlook statements, drawing conclusions that supply chain issues and higher shipping prices will continue occurring in the coming months through 2022. Every organization will surely join the chorus.

These developments, unfortunately, aren’t a huge surprise having experienced the pain and the challenges the industry has faced and will face in the coming months ahead. At Verusen, the supply chain intelligence company of which I’m founder and CEO, we’ve seen these issues growing in scale and complexity over

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