Controlling The Pace Becoming Key For The Indiana Pacers

Inconsistent, rickety, and uninspired have been words used to describe the 2021-22 Indiana Pacers throughout their ongoing season.

At their best, the Pacers look electric. They already have wins over strong teams such as the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, and Utah Jazz this year, and over half of their victories have been by double figures. The blue and gold are a force when they play the way they want to.

But that doesn’t always happen. Indiana has losses to the lesser Pistons and Raptors this season, and in a loss against the Charlotte Hornets last week, the team looked so bad that head coach Rick Carlisle benched his starters for the final 20 minutes of action. It’s hard to get a read on such an unpredictable team.

The Pacers are attempting to become more steady, though, and a buzzword that has been mentioned often in their quest to do

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