Gives Thanks to American Rosés

A couple of times I’ve been the recipient of holiday gifts that were obviously picked off the pegboard display in the checkout aisle, as though the giver was waiting to pay for shampoo and then suddenly remembered, “oh, heck! It’s Dec. 24!” and just started plucking items within reach. Because why else do you end up with gifts of toothbrushes, yellow highlighters, lip balm, breath mints and luggage tags?

I often think buying wine the day before Thanksgiving is a lot like that. After great attention is paid to the stuffing (cornbread or not), the sides and, of course, the bird and pies, the light bulb about wine goes off and people hit the panic button.

But, there’s a solution for last-minute shoppers and that’s in the selection of rosés still available in stores, as we evolve our thinking about and drinking of rosé beyond summer. It’s

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