After Decade Of Decline, Abortions Rise Slightly For Second Year In A Row


Abortion rose slightly in the United States in 2019 for the second year in a row, according to data released Wednesday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, signaling a potential new trend after abortions had been declining for much of the decade. 

Key Facts

According to the Abortion Surveillance Report, the number of legal abortions rose 2% in 2019, with 18% of all pregnancies ending in an abortion— however the data is incomplete as California, Maryland and New Hampshire did not submit information. 

Abortion reached a historic low in 2017, when it decreased 20% from 2010.

The ratio of abortions to live births increased 3%, as birth rates around the country continue to drop, falling 1% from 2018 to 2019. 

Among abortion recipients, 29.3% were aged 25–29, 27.6% were aged 20–24, 3.7% were 40 or older and 0.2

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