St. Louis Wins Historic $790 Million Settlement Against Stan Kroenke, NFL

St. Louis authorities have agreed to settle the 2017 lawsuit they filed against the NFL over the Rams’ relocation to Los Angeles for $790 million.

Quite simply, this is a historic and unprecedented award in favor of a mid-market city that chose to fight “the man” and “the system”. And won.

The man being Los Angeles Rams owner, Stan Kroenke.

The system being the National Football League and their relocation process.

Last week in my most recent Forbes post, I predicted a settlement was imminent in light of Kroenke’s attempts to revisit and revise the indemnification agreement he signed with the league and his fellow owners…which was followed by his threat to settle the case independently with St. Louis, leaving the league and other owners to fight on.

Whether by gumption or determination or simply having the law and evidence on their side, the St. Louis plaintiffs have made

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