CIA Director Reportedly Warned Russian Intelligence Over Havana Syndrome


CIA Director William J. Burns reportedly issued a stern message to Russia’s intelligence officials during a trip to Moscow this month, saying they will face “consequences” if they are found to be behind the mysterious “Havana Syndrome” symptoms reported by U.S. diplomats and spies as American intelligence believes, according to the Washington Post.

Key Facts

Burns confronted officials from Russia’s security services, according to the Post, saying that the damage suffered by U.S. diplomatic personnel and their families would be “beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior” from an intelligence service.

The CIA director did not explicitly place blame on Russia during the conversation, officials told the newspaper on the condition of anonymity, but the Post reported Burns’ decision to bring up Havana Syndrome at all illustrates U.S. officials’ suspicions that Russia could be behind the alleged attacks.

The Kremlin has maintained it has

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