Aftermarket Shaft Maker LA Golf Implores Golfers To Swing Harder

When the seventh annual Dustin Johnson World Junior Golf Championship tees off at TPC Myrtle Beach in March, the tournament will have new presenting sponsor with LA Golf taking over the reins from Tokyo-based Fujikura.

DJ is an investor in LA Golf and a member of the premium aftermarket shaft brand’s board of directors so their decision to sponsor the tournament is not a total surprise. Founder Reed Dickens views supporting the event as a smart strategic play for an upstart brand looking to disrupt the golf equipment market.  

Dickens is taking pages out of the playbook he used to propel Marucci Sports to the top of the leaderboard in another ball and stick sport. As Marucci’s first CEO, Dickens nurtured a niche baseball bat maker born in the backyard shed of an LSU athletic trainer into a national brand.

CODI acquired the company for $200

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