Record Sales For Online Holiday Shopping Hitting Over $204 Billion

Online shopping figures released by Adobe ADBE as part of its Digital Economy Index showed that consumers spent a total of $204.5 billion for the holiday season including the months of November and December. The sales uptick of 8.6% compared to last year (YoY) included 38 days that surpassed $3 billion in daily spend which is a record. Last year there were only 25 days that exceeded $3 billion in daily spend.   In October, when holiday shopping started with Black Friday deals offered in the middle of the month, shoppers spent $72.4 billion in online purchases, up 8% YoY. Consumers spent a record $855 billion online in the full year of 2021, demonstrating strong growth in the digital economy. The holiday selling period including October, November and December represented 32% of total online annual sales. 

Ironically, Cyber Week was down 1.4% for online shopping

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