Bill Gates Believes Covid-19 May Eventually Be Treated Like The Seasonal Flu; Here’s What That Means

As variant after variant of Covid-19 has boldly emerged over the last two years, public health experts and individuals worldwide have the same question in mind: when will the world be free of this devastating virus?

But experts do not really believe the future will be Covid free. Rather, many prominent academics believe that Covid-19 is here to stay, perhaps in less virulent and disease-inducing forms than it originally presented as.

World renowned technology tycoon and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, believes something similar. Earlier this week, in a Twitter conversation with Professor Devi Sridhar (who is Professor and Chair of Global Public Health at the University of Edinburg), Gates was asked by Dr. Sridhar: “Final question- what everyone wants to know -> how and when will the pandemic be over? Does omicron show that we can ‘live with COVID’? Or are other dangerous variants around the corner in 2022?”

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