President Biden Is Deploying The Military To Support Hospitals Overwhelmed With Covid-19

Yet again, hospitals and healthcare systems are getting crushed by Covid-19. For many healthcare professionals and front-line workers, this is eerily reminiscent of March 2020, when much was still unknown about the virus and every day at work seemed like a life-risking endeavor. Many things have changed since then. Most importantly, the advent of effective vaccines against the virus has made the battle against Covid-19 that much more fruitful. Additionally, more is now known about the virus, including about how it mutates and what to somewhat expect with variants and their respective surges. However, some things have stayed the same since the inception of the pandemic, including dire amounts of misinformation, vaccine hesitancy, and a generalized disregard by many in following public health recommendations.    

Currently, the world is facing a massive surge in Covid-19 coronavirus cases, due in large part to the Omicron variant of the virus. Public health organizations

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