Taking On Starbucks, Inspired by Bernie Sanders

The liberal workers the company has long attracted are expanding a union campaign to other cities after a landmark victory in Buffalo.

Maggie Carter, a Starbucks barista in Knoxville, Tenn., is a warm and reassuring presence who says she is keen to “go the extra mile” for customers.

She may also be a nightmare for Starbucks executives.

As a union organizing campaign that began in Buffalo and produced the company’s only two unionized U.S. stores spreads to other cities, it is being driven by workers like Ms. Carter: young, well educated, politically liberal.

Ms. Carter, who began circulating union cards at her store not long after the results of the Buffalo elections were announced last month, studies broadcast journalism at the University of Tennessee. She is passionate about climate change, fighting racism and labor rights. And her political hero is Senator Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent.

“Bernie Sanders is my everything,” Ms. Carter said. “I

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