Alexa Bliss (And Lilly) Sells More Merchandise Than Any Active WWE Star Per Report

Alexa Bliss’ (kayfabe) descent into madness has translated to strong merchandise sales, polarizing as it may be.

In a recent report from US Bookies, Bliss’ Lilly Doll was listed behind only Stone Cold Steve Austin as WWE’s highest-selling merchandise. Austin’s Legacy Championship Collector’s title topped the list with estimated earnings of $1,359,984. Bliss’ Lilly Doll came in second, with $863,712. In fact, total sales for Bliss’ merchandise came in at over $1.6 million, trailing only Austin ($3.7 million) and John Cena ($2.6 million).

Yesterday, Bliss cryptically tweeted a GIF of her and the polarizing plush doll, possibly in reaction to the story.

Bliss has portrayed a darker, infantilized version of herself since aligning with Bray Wyatt in 2020. Shortly thereafter, the character came under fire from fans and critics during a bizarre storyline alongside Wyatt and Randy Orton. following a supernatural match between Orton and

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