3 Key Trends That Will Shape Asia Retail In 2022

At the peak of the pandemic, experts speculated Covid-19 had sped up the adoption of digital technologies by seven years. This year isn’t any different as e-commerce continues to accelerate, and physical stores remain just as important with unique retail experiences coming back in full force.

Moving past the hype of livestream commerce, QR codes and checkout-free stores, this year will see three key trends with the metaverse, tokenized communities and dark stores – all of which are shaped by Web 3.0 and supply chain chaos.

Shopping in the metaverse

Gaming is already the world’s largest entertainment industry, surpassing music and movies with the Asia Pacific region expected to generate $41 billion in revenue by 2025 across the projected one billion gamers. Though not exactly a new concept or innovation, the metaverse has no boundaries, rules or objectives unlike an online RPG (role-playing game) environment. 

BNV commented, “The beauty of digital real

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