Here’s What That Engaging And Wildly Popular Game Wordle Can Teach You About AI Self-Driving Cars

Which do you prefer, vowels or consonants?

I’ll help you decide, just in case you are on the fence.

Consider the word A-U-D-I-O which I’ve spelled out by separating each letter via a hyphen, showcasing a five-letter word that has nearly all vowels. You’ll want to remember this word since I’ll be looping back to it in a moment or two.

Another word to mull over is P-S-Y-C-H or the word C-R-Y-P-T. Those fascinating words lack vowels and seem to be adoring consonants.

Does all of that inform your thinking about whether to have a preference toward vowels over consonants or instead relish consonants over vowels?

Upon using up your six guesses, and assuming you haven’t yet successfully guessed the word, the secret five-letter word is displayed. You can then stare blankly at the word and pummel your own mind with regrets and sorrow that you didn’t guess

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