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With the Atlanta Braves being the only club in Major League Baseball to have their finances revealed publicly, their second quarter financial report shows that the club is seeing increased revenue and profit growth.

With Liberty Media owning the club, their quarterly report shows that between baseball-related revenue and revenue through the Battery mixed-use development outside the ballpark, the Braves Group saw Q2 operating income – a form of profit – of $37 million, up +16% from their first quarter of $32 million. Accounting for Q1 and Q2, operating income is $69 million. With two months left in the regular season, and the team on track for the playoffs, profits for the club should exceed $100 million.

Year-over-year, the Braves group sees a 16% increase in profits. In Q2 of 2021, Liberty Media reported that the Braves saw $32 million in operating income.

Revenues were exceptionally

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