You are currently viewing Mindset Matters: What Do Beyonce And Lizzo Have To Do With The Evolution Of The Disability Economy?

Culture change can be seen as a long tedious slog that often moves at a snail’s pace. Yet, there are moments when we must acknowledge a transformation happening in real-time that is both significant and telling. Over the past month or so two iconic musicians on the pop culture scene, Beyonce and Lizzo released music that contained ableist language. The critical response was quick to point out the severity of the use of this language and that it was not okay. Both Lizzo and Beyonce recognized that the lyrics needed to be changed and each issued statements that a new version of the songs would be released.

While this scenario is an example that harmful language around disability persists, it is also an illustration that there is a sea change happening. However, it is important to ask if this situation is a question of social awareness, or

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