You are currently viewing Boston Ballet Leaps Into Immersive Live Experiences With UNI Popup Dance Dome

The Boston Ballet will jeté far beyond the four walls of its long-time home at the Boston Opera House in a new way this weekend, showcasing seven dance-based immersive experiences in a portable dome that debuts Saturday in a Roxbury neighborhood street fair.

The ÜNI Public Art dome represents an audacious experiment for a dance company that struggled during the pandemic’s initial lockdown to both keep its creative talent working while expanding its reach to audiences that, for various reasons, seldom ventured into the opera house, said Meredith “Max” Hodges, the organization’s executive director.

“So really big questions have been asked in the past couple of years, about the role of technology in the art form, both the role of technology in the way the art is created, but also the role of technology in the way the art is consumed by the audiences,” said Hodges.

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