You are currently viewing FTX CEO Backs Firm That Aims To Issue NFTs For The Programs It Develops

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is backing Trustless Media. A firm that is issuing NFTs for the programs that it develops and produces. Describing the concept as “NFTV”, the company has raised $3.25 million to crowdfund Web3 programming.

With the ongoing crypto and NFT skepticism and wariness, many still look at the underlying technology as something that can be disruptive. In Trustless Media’s system, purchasers can buy tokens to get a stake in the shows that they are developing. Ultimately, opening up the creative development process to the public.

Producers have long lamented that commissioners don’t know what they want, or even worse what the public wants. The process opens up the capacity to hear what the public wants that could in turn help commissioners make decisions on what to funnel monies into.

The web 3 concept is drawing comparisons to web 2’s Indiegogo and Kickstarter

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