You are currently viewing ‘He Found His Voice.’ How Neil Gaiman And ‘Sandman’ Made Each Other Into Stars

In late 1986, a 25 year-old British writer with one artsy graphic novel under his belt pitched DC Comics a new spin on one of the publisher’s oldest properties. Editor Karen Berger thought this Neil Gaiman fellow had some potential, and, after a tryout on another title, gave Sandman the go-ahead in 1988 for a January, 1989 release. Sales of the dark toned, adult-oriented comic started strong but kept building and building as Gaiman hit his stride.

By 1993, Sandman became the keystone of DC’s groundbreaking Vertigo imprint, founded and run by Berger, and one of the most acclaimed comic series of the past 50 years. It also launched Gaiman far beyond the comics industry to become a best-selling author and media figure with enough clout to finally develop his seminal work for the screen as he sees fit.

Today, the $165 million Sandman series drops

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