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In mid-October, the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) will conduct its annual exposition in the nation’s capital. The theme of this year’s meeting is “Building The Army Of 2030.”

That is a fitting focus for a military service that has spent the last five years systematically implementing a strategy for modernizing its rotorcraft, artillery, troop carriers and air defenses.

It is the biggest modernization campaign the Army has seen since the cold war, and it seems to be progressing smoothly.

There’s only one problem: the Army may find itself engaged in a shooting war long before 2030. Like maybe next month, in Eastern Europe or the Western Pacific.

The Army alone expects to buy at least 50,000, with the Marines buying 15,000 more. JLTV was designed to correct deficiencies in the Reagan-era Humvee, the closest thing today’s Army has to the fabled jeep

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