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Yesterday, Disney Plus debuted the first three episodes of Andor, which I was a bit confused about until I watched them and realized they were essentially a 90 minute movie, with the first two ending in weird places and the climax happening in the third one.

Much ado has been made about Andor shedding a lot of the problematic things that have plagued Disney-era Star Wars. It’s grittier, Cassian Andor executes a guard point-blank in its opening minutes, it feels more grounded, with practical sets and effects and at least somewhat less CGI than other series. And at least so far, it does not seem concerned with easter eggs and crossovers into the Skywalker saga, other than its obvious connections to Rogue One.

I like this approach. I like this cast, I like these sets, I like the look and feel of Andor. And yet after watching

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