You are currently viewing Musk Wars With The Left: Suggests ‘Activists’ Killed Moderation Plan And Baits Black Lives Matter Supporters


CEO Elon Musk is raising eyebrows by battling the left in the past day: Walking back his promise to form a Twitter content moderation council by blaming activist groups, engaging with notorious right-wing accounts, and also raising questions about the Black Lives Matter protests.

Key Facts

Last month, Musk said Twitter would form a content moderation council made up of members with “widely diverse viewpoints” who would be tasked with major content decisions and account reinstatements.

Musk seemed to walk back the idea Tuesday, saying the council was a condition of a large coalition of political and social activists groups, but alleging, without elaboration, that they “broke the deal” by continuing to “try to kill Twitter by starving us of advertising revenue.”

Musk also posted a mocking video of a closet full of T-shirts presumably at Twitter headquarters printed with the

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