You are currently viewing Justin Langer’s Messy Firing As Coach Continues To Haunt Australian Cricket

Much like the spectre of bitter politicians aggrieved at being knifed in the back by colleagues, the messy Justin Langer saga continues to cast a shadow over Australian cricket while threatening to destabilize the national men’s team amid a transition into a new era.

Langer, who was a key part of Australia’s heyday as a hard-nosed batter who overcame adversity to become a legendary opener, resigned in February ending a tumultuous six-month period which paralyzed the national cricket governing body, while creating a gulf between the current and golden generation of Australian cricketers.

As the calendar flips into the Test summer, when the Australian public switches into cricket mode, Langer has lit a fuse after an extraordinary candid interview where he attacked anonymous “cowards” that leaked against him and criticized captains Pat Cummins and Aaron Finch for a lack of transparency.

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