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As recently as 2020, Kyle Hendricks was getting Cy Young votes. In that truncated season, he posted a 2.88 ERA and the second-lowest WHIP (0.996) of his career. But within two years, he was shut down for the season with a shoulder issue that could derail the rest of his career.

Getting right again has ramifications for both Hendricks and the Cubs. For him, there’s the $16 million club option for 2024. For the Cubs, there’s a chance to be serious contenders for the top of the division again.

Hendricks is only 33, and the past two seasons of struggle notwithstanding, he has amassed an impressive resume. If he is healthy again and performs well this year, Hendricks has a good chance of his option being picked up in 2024. From there, he will still be young enough to explore free agency.

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